Sunday, April 1, 2012

Downtown Abbey + All Wrapped Up

I've been meaning to post about Downtown Abbey for month now, but hadn't gotten around to taking pictures of the wrap  I finished while watching it. Now I've mostly forgotten all my impressions. Whoops!

A few things I can remember: red headed girl was cuter and nicer than Mary, and I'm sad she died; Mr. Bates and Anna are naturally adorable; Sybil's political adventures fall under the "brave girl gets head trauma" trope, which is really annoying; and the dad is pretty annoying. I watched the entire 2 seasons/series over Mardi Gras instead of going to parades. It was awesome. I honestly will probably have completely forgotten about it by the time it starts airing, but it was fun.

 I modified the All Wrapped Up pattern from Scarab Knits. I like the simplicity of the large stripes, but i'm still working out how to wear it. I used Loops and Threads Impeccable (which the rest is being used for  the limelight socks). It was a fairly quick knit, but my yarn choice means it is pretty heavy. Definitely not a summer wrap.Don't worry, I won't wear it over purple, and the red is not as bright as it appears in the pictures.

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