Sunday, March 18, 2012

Daniel Deronda pt. 2 + Limelight Stirrup Socks

 OK, fine! You win, George Eliot! The ending of Daniel Deronda was much better than I expected. Most of the "twists" were really obvious, like of course he was going to be Jewish and his mother rich, but the unexpected parts were great. His mom gave him up because she wanted to be a famous singer instead of a wife and mother. Gwendolyn allows her shitty, abusive husband to drown. Daniel decides to quit being an English gentleman-in-training and go to the Middle East to fight for  Jewish homeland, and marries Mirah instead of Gwendolyn. All those things are way more radical than I expected, but I think I did George Eliot a disservice by assuming her to be as predictable as Jane Austen.

I finished up one of a pair of Limelight Stirrup Socks while watching this episode. I'm using some stash yarn, but I think it's Loops and Threads Impeccable. I still need to weave in a million ends and crochet around the heel opening, but otherwise it is done. I haven't done any color work before, so I'm really glad at how it turned out. My camera sucks so all the images look terrible. Sorry.

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